Sunday, June 5, 2011

Karna - The Genesis

This is the staet of a new series. This will not be easy, and in fact will end me up in a rage. Why am I doing this, you may ask, well its cause I got to. Almost no one knows about this:

She met a karate instructor on a Sunday, moved out of our house by Wednesday, they stayed together at a bed & breakfast Friday and Saturday. On the precedeing Thursday said, "geez, he must be some great lay," but neither of them responded to it. I helped carry her things to the truck on Wednesday and I regret helping. When they returned from their getaway on Monday, I was waiting at his apartment to ambush them. They must of anticipated this because the police were there waiting for me. I psoted bond on Tuesday and wrote down a phrase I cannot forget: "KARNA IS NOT TO BE UNDERSTIMATE". I went away on business that Wednesday and had a great time and closed a HUGE merger I'd been workin on for several years and made more money than you can dream of. Still, something in my heart feld wrong.

Karna posted a letter to me and it was waiting at my house when I returned Friday. I waited until Tuesday to open it and tried to read it twice before burning it on that very Wednesday. I phoned her on Thursday and asked for another copy, but she said it didn't exist and that she and Kevin had already began brewing their own beer in the new apartment. This was the greatest affront to me because of my barley malts. She said, oh I gotta go, Kevin's taking me out for a steak dinner. The paramedics woke me hours later.


  1. Tim, Ithink it's great that you're finally able to talk about what happened and tell this funny story but you leave out a lot of the juicy details like, what did they have for breakfast at the B&B? Eggs? Bacon? Or was it lox and danish? How were the policemen dressed? Nicely, I bet. When the merger went down, who signed? What were the particluars?

    I do think its funny how we've both spent time in the slammer lately though. Man, life can be funny sometimes when things happen in it and you find yourself using cigarettes as currency like in the old days. And that part about the paramedics cracked me up. I bet they used those funny smelling salts and whatnot. I had a pack of those once and I tried to test them out by holding my breath until I past out but I forgot to rig them under my nose and I just woke up on my own that afternoon. Had a lot of wicker stolen from me that day.

    I think what you need to do Time is get back to those barley malts. Those things were pretty good when I used to mix them with some juice or something to delute the flavor. Maybe try to sell them at the farmers market or something. There are plenty of idiots down there.

  2. Man a breathe of fresh air, thanks for this Burt. You can be really good at helping people when you try. Your a great example for a lot of folks out there. They can point at you and say here's a man who can succeed without much talent or itelligence. You may have given me that extra nudge to get back to my original prowess: those barley malts.

    Burt, you need to work on your tack. I am great at limiting knowledge that comes to my brain, and I dont care to know the particulars of the B&B. Those thoughts do me no good, and I now control them before the point of entry to my consciousness. Problem solved, except if your gonna keep bringing it up all the time! Look, I love you, but you gotta keep that big mouth of yours on a leash. I have taken a lover and I prefer to focus on that for now, not Karna ok? She

  3. She...? She what? She has a big rear? LOL!? You always have liked women with big rears and you always will. You know That. Seriously, speaking of tack, send me a picture of her so I can tack it up on my wall next to the one of Karna. I'll send you a nice picture of Dondra. We sold our first windsock today.

    I think we both know we need to sharpen out blades (wits) and stab at eachothers brains (arguments) in a new fencing octogon (topic). What shall it be Tim?